Car/Quad Trailers

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Early Porter car trailers were made with painted angle iron frames, re-used car hubs and wheels and wooden sheeting.(see previous trailers or  gallery)  Wooden sides were replaced with flat aluminium around 1993 and galvanised frames and ribbed alum with new trailer axles has been used since 1996. Angle iron frames are still used on builders trailers, livestock trailers and some single axle car trailers.

Around 2005 we started being asked for a cheaper, lighter trailer that could be used for household and garden work. Farmers were wanting a small trailer with floatation wheels to tow behind a Quad and also to carry the Quad between farms. We looked at what was on the market and found that some household trailers were made so light  that a person could hardly stand in one without bending the floor.  

What we wanted was a lightweight trailer that would do all these tasks and still be capable of carrying 600kg, have interchangeable wheels and that can be sold with or without mesh sides and ramp.


6'8" X 4'1" car trailers with and without mesh sides. Click here to see the brochure

6'8" x 4'1" with aluminium  ramp, back gates and divider gate  

steel car trailer frame ready for galvanising


6' x 4' alum  car trailer with or without high mesh sides and ramp.    600kg or 750kg

 8 x 4'1"  double axle trailer, no brakes, plated for 750 kg, can be fitted with mesh sides.


5' X 3'3" trailer for towing behind a quad, off road use only


Quad trailer with sides removed, back posts and ramp also lift off.


5' X 3'3" Car/ Quad trailer with springs and lights for road use