Builders Trailers

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8'4" x 4'8" steel sided builders trailer, these trailers are getting more popular than the angle iron framed with ribbed aluminium type due to the extra space between the back corners. This trailer has 4'8" inside the full length of the trailer allowing pallets to be set in the back, the total width of this trailer is 6ft which is the same as the 4'6" alum type trailer that has 4'2" space inside the back corners.

Various options are available, 1900kg or 2600kg

                                         13" side + tying rail or 18" side

                                         mesh high sides and mesh ramp door

                                        alum sheeted high sides and alum ramp door

                                        loading gates

                                        lift off roof (Photos below)


12' x 5' tri axle builders trailer with lift off mesh sides

10' x 5' with removable sides and roof


8'6" x 4'6" builders trailer with optional mesh sides and ramp door, the short tail door doubles up as the front piece

Click here to see the Brochure.

8'6" x 5' with sheeted alum sides and ramp, also available with flat lift off roof and loading gates

8ft6 x 5  with mesh sides and  cover made to suit ,    bolt on alum mudguards