Livestock Trailers

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Porter livestock trailers have been made in small numbers  since the late 1980s .Look in Previous trailers or gallery to see some of them.

 In 1996 the new type livestock trailer was introduced due to the fact that most customers were asking for galvanised frames , and other galvanised  trailers  on the market were bolted together along the base. Porter Trailers wanted to keep the one piece frame with steel mudguards and protection steps, and still offer a galvanised frame, so the decision was taken to bolt on the roof hoops at the top space to allow the frame to fit into the galvanising bath.

This design was used until around 2003 but due to increasing galvanising  and transport costs, the design was changed so that Ultra Galvanisers at Newtownstewart,    whose tank was 1500mm wide, were able to galvanise them. The changes consisted of lengthening the roof hoops,shortening the side rails and changing some other parts so that the trailer still had a one piece main frame, only bolted at the lower space instead of the top space.

At that time the 2 axle trailers were 5'9" wide on 16" wheels, and tri-axle trailers were 6' wide on 13" wheels, that meant that different parts had to be made for both sizes.  Customers began asking for  tri-axle trailers on 16" wheels  and 6' wide 2 axle trailers, so in 2004  the design was changed to make all trailers 6' wide. This change came at the same time as the purchase of a new 14' folder which enabled us to fold the floors up 1" all round the base, better than the sealer on the earlier trailers.

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 Medium Duty Porter Livestock Trailers.

Our standard livestock trailers have lasted well over the years with hundreds of satisfied customers that would not buy any other make of trailer. However there are some farmers that do not use a livestock trailer to the same extent as others, and would prefer a lighter and slightly cheaper trailer and until now we were losing these customers.

The new trailer still has the one piece frame with 50 x 50 box section around the trailer, but is fitted with plastic mudguards , 50mm x 20mm aluminium loading gates (the same as all other makes) 185/75 - R16 tyres and is available with ribbed or plain aluminium  sheeting. Options include sheep decks, slurry tank, black or white roof and full opening front. Heavy duty loading gates and 650 x 16 tyres can be fitted to medium duty trailers .      

  The 12' x 6' double axle medium duty trailer complete with spare wheel and divider gate weighs 1200kg, that is 100 kg lighter than our other 12 x 6 livestock trailer (1300 kg), and also lighter than some of our competitors 12' livestock trailer. 

Due to the very low sales on medium duty trailers we have now stopped building them as most customers are asking for the standard version.





12 x 6   2 axle livestock trailer with tank and extra led lights


12 X 6 double axle showing decks, 14 x 6 tri axle

8'6" x 5' livestock trailer 13" wheels and steel mudguards


10 ft x 6 ft with standard front

 12' x 6' with ribbed sheeting, triple drop front



medium duty 12' x 6' with plain alum sheeting



 13' x 6' tri axle with drop front.

14 x 6 high roof for horses and cattle rubber covered floor and ramp

14' x 6' tri axle




14' x 6' tri axle but fitted with plastic mudguards, tank and black roof


16 x 6 tri axle


 Heavy duty aluminium loading gates

Inside view showing ramp, tank, loading gates and folded up floor.