WANTED pedal tractors from the 1970s and 1980s

Neville Porter on his first tractor, Triang? 1974


Has anyone got one for sale?

ring if you have 028/048 8167 1371

Triang 4 wheel tractor
Sharna DB 780 beside the Case 4890
Sharna DB 780 with loader owned by a David Brown collector in England
  Our own Sharna DB 780 with miniature "livestock" trailer
  Alan Riley from Donemana Co Tyrone with the Sharna DB 780 he had from new

Case 1594 black and white built from a blue Rollytrac 4 x 4 pedal tractor.


WANTED Rollytrac pedal tractors the same as this one to make into 90 and 94 series David Brown and Case tractors(see photo above)
Rolly Mercedes MB Trac
Somby pedal JCB and trailer